The Best Thing I Watched This Week (9/12/2022)

Bleacher Report’s coverage of the Amerigol 2021 LATAM CUP

Ice Hockey and Latin America are hardly ever associated in the minds of sports fans. The region’s warm climate and overall lack of ice hockey resources makes access difficult for Latin Americans.

The Amerigol LATAM Cup welcomes hockey players from Latin America and provides them an opportunity to play for their countries and showcase their talents.

In Bleacher Report’s coverage of the 2021 tournament, they did an excellent job highlighting the impact of the tournament, and the opportunity for Latin American hockey players to compete internationally.

Interviews from fans, players, and Al Montoya, the NHL’s first Cuban player, illustrated the national pride of the players and fans. They emphasized their desire to grow hockey within their communities.

Videos of the crowd singing and waving flags evoked images of a soccer atmosphere, demonstrating the enthusiasm and energy of the event.

Bleacher Report’s coverage allowed Latin American hockey their biggest platform yet. The 2022 edition of the LATAM Cup features nearly twice as many players as 2021, and gained NHL and NHL Player Association sponsorships.

Thanks to the mainstream, international attention, Latin American hockey is larger than ever and only continues to grow.

The 2022 LATAM Cup takes place September 14-18, 2022. The Florida Panthers will host the tournament at their facility for the fourth straight year.


Ryan Tantalo - University at Buffalo Student, Journalist, Hockey Announcer, Broadcaster

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