One World Cafe: UB’s Best Building

One World Cafe, opened in 2022

On a campus full of repetitive brick buildings, UB’s One World Cafe is a breath of fresh air. The 53,300 square foot building catches eyes from every direction, and adds color and culture to the university.

One World features dining options from across the globe, and showcases the cultural diversity present at the University at Buffalo. Tikka Table, Pan Asia, and Noodle Pavilion provide a wide array of food choices. It allows some students to try new cuisine, while giving others a comfortable taste of home. 

The building’s windows are abundant and large. Natural light streams in from all over, providing a great atmosphere for relaxing, eating or studying. 

One World Cafe, next to Capen Hall

From below, the building looms invitingly. The bustling activity inside is bright and visible.

One World Cafe gives the University at Buffalo a new look and feel. The University’s “Front Door” is a centerpiece that advances their Heart of the Campus (HTOC) movement. It ties the surrounding campus together and welcomes students from the parking lots, bus loops, and sidewalks.


Ryan Tantalo - University at Buffalo Student, Journalist, Hockey Announcer, Broadcaster

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