$2,000,000 Catch (Best thing I read this week 10/6)

Thousands of fans came to Globe Life Field on Tuesday to witness history. One lucky man got to hold it in his hand.


This Guardian article contextualized one of the greatest moments in sports history, and its aftermath. Aaron Judge hit his AL-record 62nd home run against the Texas Rangers. A fan named Cory Youmans caught the ball and, along with it, an opportunity to make millions.

The article took the baseball home race, and attached it to the raging sports memorabilia market. In August, 2022 a Mickey Mantle rookie card sold for over $12m. Judge’s ball was sure to skyrocket in the collector market.

Within hours, Youmans received multiple eye-popping offers, according to the Guardian.

One bidder, JP Cohen, offered $2m for the ball and said he’d loan it to Yankee stadium for display.

The article wrapped up with stories from other fans who traveled in hopes of witnessing, or even catching, history. It was a heartwarming conclusion and drove home the human significance surrounding one of greatest moments in sports history.

Author: TantaloTakes.com

Ryan Tantalo - University at Buffalo Student, Journalist, Hockey Announcer, Broadcaster

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