Colombia Hockey Allows Players to Reconnect with their Heritage (Best Thing This Week 9/26)

William Douglas created the Color of Hockey Blog on to highlight the underrepresented groups in the sport of Ice Hockey. On September 19, he published this piece about Tina Kampa, a forward on the Colombian Women’s Hockey Team.

Douglas began the article with a great quote from Kampa, who was raised in the United States after being born in Colombia. She explains how the team allowed her to connect with people she feels similar to, and she said it was a great experience to compete alongside her fellow Colombians.

Douglas follows that paragraph with a picture, showing Kampa in her Colombian uniform at the 2022 LATAM Cup. He then explains the LATAM Cup, which is an International Latin American Hockey Tournament. This provides context for the audience and also furthers Douglas’ goal of highlighting hockey in minority markets.

Finally, Douglas provides another great quote from Colombia Coach Sam Uisprapassorn. He explained the impact of having Kampa on the team. Kampa played NCAA Ice Hockey, and brought a new level of talent to the team. Previously, as the quote explains, the majority of players on team Colombia had a roller hockey background.

Douglas portrayed Tina Kampa as a leader and an influential piece in growing ice hockey in Colombia. He used quotes and background information to explain where the sport is coming from in Latin America, and where it’s headed. Douglas’ blog, Color of Hockey, continuously covers these under-the-radar stories to promote and expand the sport among people who previously weren’t represented.


Ryan Tantalo - University at Buffalo Student, Journalist, Hockey Announcer, Broadcaster

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